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March 24, 2019
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March 27, 2019

Bali Shoulder Bag

(37 customer reviews)

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The handmade Bali bag is one of the most trendy bag of the season. Woven from sturdy round straw with canvas, this bag tote has a shoulder strap and it closes with a latch.

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This gorgeous round rattan bag is a fabulous fusion of chic and tradition into urban fashion.
It’s a must-have accessory for designers, fashionistas, it-girls, and Insta-celebrities who have been spotted carrying a straw bag everywhere!


  • Type of bag: Shoulder bag,
  • Round straw,
  • Handmade crafted,
  • Closure type: Latch,
  • Imported.

Size Info

Model measurements

  • Depth: 10cm/ 3.93″,
  • Diameter: 18cm / 7″.







Rattan Row, Rattan Solid

37 reviews for Bali Shoulder Bag

  1. Cloemen

    My wife been wanted this bag since our last trip to Bali but we missed it. Search out at google and Finally found it. And I gave her a little surprise with this bag.. guess what??! She is so happy with it. The size is just perfect to fit her needs.The material feels sturdy. ?

  2. SARK

    Awesome purse perfect length and great quality. It came exactly as pictured perfect for summer

  3. Rose

    Love! Great quality and reasonable price. I especially like how it has the liner so it doesn’t fly open and things don’t get caught.

  4. Sharon Hudson

    What a great round woven bag. It has a snap enclosure .. Very unique, love this piece!

  5. Hicks

    This is a great purse to use when you need only a few things and don’t need/want a heavier bag to drag around.

  6. Sarah L Gibbons

    This cute purse is exactly as pictured and I am really pleased with the quality of craftsmanship! The closure and straps work well and are sturdy. Yes there is a smoky smell, but over the past week that I’ve had the bag out on my dresser it has faded and I expect it will go away completely. Love it! Great buy!

  7. Jackie

    I love it, bag goes with everything and I got so many compliments!! I just aired it out a few days on my porch, it helped the smell a bit.

  8. Lindsay

    This bag was perfect for my recent trip to Mexico. The size was perfect, and the quality was great. But what I loved most of all is that is cost less than half of what other retailers were selling this type of bag for. Highly recommend.

  9. R. Hood

    This bag reminded me of something I saw worn years ago . . it’s for that summer day when a leather bag would seem to be “too much”. It’s a perfect little vacation bag or hot day in the city bag. Very nice quality, and cute lining.

  10. Nabil Hach Al-luch

    Great bag and good quality!!! Last summer I was purchasing similar bag from Bruno for dabble price. So, this one cost less but quality is amazing!

  11. JC Smith

    The smell is smoked salmon. Hear me… Smoked salmon. I was so excited to smell it after all the reviews. I love the look of the bag and in a few days after essential oils and dryer balls, I’ll love the smell too.

  12. Emily Rosa

    Super cute! Received tons of compliments. Bag isn’t very big (not that I thought it would be) but holds the essentials. Sits perfectly on the body and is sturdy. Very happy with the purchase

  13. Enzo Maniaci

    This bag is beautiful! Has a Smokey smell but I don’t mind it. Very well made and so glad it’s made in Bali!

  14. Anna

    This bag is EXACTLY what i wanted. I will say the bag had a strong odor when i first received it but was gone about a week later. It wasn’t a bad smell, it kind of smelled like i had a bag full of beef jerky? But like i said it is gone now. It is a perfect summer bag that i plan to keep for a long time. I love it and I am SO happy with what i received.

  15. Erin J

    I absolutely love my Rattan Bag – it definitely exceeds my expectations. Sometimes these bags on the market are made of plastic but this one is amazing quality and is very durable. The straps are a little long but definitely still wearable. The shipping was extremely fast and I am really happy with this product, especially for the price and quality. Would recommend!

  16. Angel

    Love this bag! I love that it’s from Bali and authentic. The bag does have a scent to it when you first open, but I hung on the back of my door for a few days to air out. The scent is gone.

  17. Amy P.

    Such a cute bag and excellent quality. I can’t wait to bring it on my tropical vaca!

  18. Kathleen Howard

    I love this style of bag, but I wanted a bag with a secure clasp. The clasp work perfectly and is secure. The leather strap looks really nice against the rattan. Overall, it is super cute and will be perfect for the warmer months.

  19. Christie

    This purse is absolutely adorable! It doesn’t snag on my clothes. It has enough room to carry what I need. I absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend. It does smell a little like a camp fire, but I enjoy the smell.

  20. DeyCo

    Cute summer/vacation bag! Well made. The smoke smell is strong but it comes from the fabrication process. I put it away for one week and with use, it is gone.

  21. Jeanne Burke

    I’ve been using this bag for a couple of months now, and I’m very happy with it! I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it. It’s not the roomiest, but my small wallet, cell phone, and lipstick fit in it just fine. It’s a very nice accent to summer outfits.

  22. Diane

    Beautiful and a Great Value.I have seen almost identical versions of this bag, the exact same quality, for $100-$200.

  23. Kendra Vandergaag

    Bought this for a trip, it is so adorable. Used it almost every night. Could fit my phone, wallet, cards, pad of paper, and more. Lots of room, and nice quality.

  24. McLister

    Very nice basket bag. Woven wel and sewn well.
    Mine has a snap closure under a leather strap. Very easy to manage, secure.
    The strap isn’t long enough for cross-body and doesn’t adjust.
    Strong odor from basket varnish, goes away with time.

  25. Erica Bolanos

    Adore this bag! Bought it for a vacation and ended up using it for everyday wear. I receive constant compliments. I can easily fit my passport wallet, mirror lipstick and other little Knicknacks

  26. Yvette L.

    Perfect day bag, date bag, just super cute! Fix’s a 7 iPhone, wallet, make-up and stuff. Sturdy, attractive and the Perfect size!

  27. MaryLou Peters

    I liked this purse, I purchased another one for a friend.

  28. Michele

    Very cute handbag. It does not have an odor as some reviewers have complained about with other rattan handbags. It’s large enough to hold a wallet some cosmetics and a large iPhone (what else does a girl need)? It has a genuine leather shoulder strap and clasp. The strap is long enough to wear as a cross body if you prefer.

  29. Riley McLaughlin

    This bag is awesome! I didn’t expect much when ordering it since it was so inexpensive but was extremely pleased and impressed when it came in the mail! I have received endless compliments and absolutely love it. I also used to think straw bags were only for the summer but it has been the perfect complimentary fall accessory thus far! This bag is the perfect size – not too clunky, sits at your side nicely, yet still fits all of the essentials in your purse. I give it two thumbs up!

  30. Emily Berger

    Completely head-over-heels in love with this bag! I use it as my everyday and it completely captures my personality. The bag itself and makes me smile every time I look at it. Cannot wait to buy another and be surprised with the interior fabric! One hundred and twenty percent recommend having in your life 🙂

  31. nicolettechristine

    This bag is so cute! It did arrive with a smoke smell like most of the other reviewers mentioned, but I opened it and let it air out on my patio for several days with a dryer sheet and it vastly improved! I can’t wait to wear this next spring and maybe throw some tassels on it too! It seems well made and the craftsmanship was well done.

  32. Ana

    ike other reviewers mentioned in previous posts, the bag comes with a strong smoke smell when you first unpack it. However, after 2-3 days in a well ventilated room, the bag was ready to shine outside! I received so many compliments during my trip to LA, so give this one a serious consideration! I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  33. Frustrated in Frisco

    This bag is absolutely adorable! It is exactly what I had hoped it would be and more. I purchased it for vacation in the Carribean primarily. When I opened the package upon arrival, I couldn’t help but do a happy dance. I am going to have so much fun with this little purse. However, it is roomier than anticipated. I can fit a small wallet, passport, sunglasses and a small bag of necessities w/ a little room to spare. Just have to be creative with your circle space. Very well made!

  34. Yaaaaas!

    So chic! This bag is everything I had hoped it would be! The quality is outstanding, and the price is right. I’ve seen these and similar bags being sold at a mucher higher price. I ordered mine for vacation as an alternative to the giant tote bag that I normally carry, in the hopes of saving my back and shoulders while site seeing. This will do the job! It is so lightweight. With that being said, it does not hold my wallet. The measurements are exactly as stated on the outside of the bag, (which would have been large enough for my wallet), but the inside is about an inch smaller. Speaking of the inside; I should also add that the bag smells like gun powder. I don’t necessarily mind it, but if that odor grosses you out, I’d pass on this. But that would be the only reason.

  35. ashley parker

    Very well made. It is exactly like all the ones the bloggers are wearing. Fits iPhone 8 plus, wallet, and has lots of extra room.

  36. ciaodown

    This adorable purse arrived right before a New England snow storm and was a nice reminder that it will be warm again!

  37. Zachary Starr

    I absolutely love this bag! This brand has snap closure, and leather strap. I get so many compliments on this bag! It does have a weird smell, but it is not offputting and it doesnt bother me; i think the smell is typical of hand woven products. I would definitely recommend it!!

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