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Outlet Kånken Classic Striped
January 17, 2019
Outlet Kånken Mini
January 17, 2019

Outlet Kånken Classic(two colors)

(11 customer reviews)

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Scandinavian design classic dating back to 1978. Finished with printed top carry handles, a zip opening, two side pockets, zippered front pouch, and adjustable straps. Reflective badge to the front.

– Length: 38cm/15″
– Width: 27cm/10.6″
– Depth: 13cm/5″
– Shoulder strap length range: 38cm/15″- 73.5cm/29″


11 reviews for Outlet Kånken Classic(two colors)

  1. Charlie Verrell

    Bought this a couple years ago, just now leaving a review. The thing is still kickin’. Super durable and super worth the money.

  2. ringgold

    Has became my favorite bag for several reasons. It’s a great size, the color is exactly as displayed and it can be used as a backpack as well as a hand bag. All around great accessory.

  3. V. Palmeri

    I love this bag, it’s fits quite a lot and I carried it around in the snow and it held up and stayed dry inside. Highly recommend!! Only negative is no support on the shoulder straps.

  4. Elysse

    So great. Lightweight, packs flat and unzips fully. PERFECT for a daypack for me and my two babes. Can’t wait to get my toddler a mini for school!

  5. Chen

    This is the point of view from a high school student. This book bag is great, it provides enough amounts of space for 2 binders, 1 folder, notebook, pencil case, ear phones, etc. However, even though it has two side pockets, most likely only one water bottle will fit. Another downfall is that the zippers aren’t really smooth. Despite all that, I still recommend buying this backpack because it is fashionable, good style (personally I love this bag), comfortable straps, and something you can carry around with no trouble. Hope this helps you.

  6. Magda

    To be honest this is my first review, so I don’t entirely know what to write, so bear with me!

    I absolutely, absolutely love my backpack. The material these backpacks are made out of is completely liquid-proof. For reference, yesterday, a cup of barbecue exploded in my small front pocket, and the mess has stayed inside that one pocket. From the outside you wouldn’t even know what happened, which is why I was quite bewildered when I reached my hand into the small pocket and my fingers came back sticky.

  7. Peyton

    Love the bag. Overall great bag though ? it’s my second backpack and I definitely recommend!

  8. Clites

    Gave as a gift. He loved it!

  9. TH

    fit my 13″ laptop, good as school bag

  10. Rebecca

    I’ve had my backpack for 2 months now, and so far I love it. Because I carry my backpack almost everywhere with me (I’m a college student), it has picked up a lot of dirt and scuff marks; I wouldn’t consider this a downside, though, because the material is so supreme. I know that I can wash my backpack when I feel like it is time to (and with the exploded barbecue, getting it clean ASAP is a priority). Many other people mention that there is a lack of extra pockets, and the side pockets are fairly small; I do agree and I can vouch for the lack of extra pockets inside the main large pocket. However, in my experience with using this bag, I’m really glad it doesn’t have too many pockets. This way I know where everything is and I’m not rifling through each pocket looking for an item I misplaced — it’s all right there. The side pockets are a bit annoying, but I’ve found that I can put just about anything that is miscellaneous and small in those.

  11. Kat

    I recommend this backpacks to anyone and everyone who wants a durable, weatherproof, and fairly roomy backpack. It carries a pretty large amount of stuff (I’ve had to stuff it some days!) and carries weight quite well.

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