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Outlet Kånken Classic
January 17, 2019
Outlet Kånken Classic(two colors)
January 17, 2019

Outlet Kånken Classic Striped

(60 customer reviews)

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Scandinavian design classic dating back to 1978. Finished with printed top carry handles, a zip opening, two side pockets, zippered front pouch, and adjustable straps. Reflective badge to the front.

– Length: 38cm/15″
– Width: 27cm/10.6″
– Depth: 13cm/5″
– Shoulder strap length range: 38cm/15″- 73.5cm/29″

60 reviews for Outlet Kånken Classic Striped

  1. Beatrice Salvatori

    Easy to bring around with a toddler

  2. Ankelo

    This backpack is an original, it’s classic design is so simple, so minimalistic, yet so appealing. I love the way it’s designed!
    The bag is lightweight, yet has the capacity to hold a tremendous amount of weight without putting much stress on your back/ shoulders. I can fit a water bottle, my laptop, and an entire pencil case into this, so it is in actuallity, able to hold a lot more than you would expect.
    The backpack I received was an original, so rest assured with your order if you’re scared of copies/ fakes being shipped to you.

  3. Grecia L

    I absolutely love this bag, it’s cute and I found nothing wrong with it. The pack is big enough to fit a laptop and a few books. The small pocket is also pretty spacious. I don’t think I have anything negative to say, It does seem durable and something that’s going to last for a few years.

  4. Stella

    Very vintage looking and great color.

  5. Jessicacqym

    Nice backpack for school could hold 13.3 MacBook Pro

  6. Asmina

    this bag is awesome! my computer fits (13″”) in addition to my snacks and my bottle of water, the side could be useful for an umbrella. if you are someone who spends all day long away from his place, carrying around all that’s needed that’s your backpack. not too big but spacious enough for all my stuff. I so love it :)”

  7. Jane

    Excellent craftsmanship. We were really impressed when it arrived and I would definitely get another one in the future. Highly recommended.

  8. Erica E. Dabrowski

    My daughter had used this backpack when she was an exchange student in Europe, and for years afterwards until it just fell apart. She had seen this one on line recently and was so excited I had to get it for her for Christmas. She couldn’t have been happier; not only did it bring back many memories, but she is already using it in lieu of a purse. It is strong and sturdy, collapses flat, and roomy enough to carry a lot of necessities. Inside and outside pockets make it organizable, and it is of very good quality.

  9. Cucci

    Was bought for the granddaughter who is a sophomore in high school this year. Bigger than we expected – she loves it!!

  10. yingli li

    It is very useful for my daily work. it can put 13′ laptop. it is enough to carry one Nike running and one t-shirt and three skirts. I forget to say it is also so cute. just like graduated from university.

  11. Keith Johns

    Beautiful knapsack. But I failed to read the size. Would be a great laptop bag for a small laptop, or backpack for a 8 year old.

  12. Cynthia

    the backpack is authentic and perfect for school !

  13. Sandy

    good products. My parents love it very much!

  14. ACACIA

    Cute looking though, not a perfect choice to carry it to everyday school

  15. Marti

    Great backpack, very stylish and cute. Seems durable and well made. It holds an average sized binder easily. I’m happy with the overall design but I wish the side pockets were big enough to fit a normal water bottle, I can’t really use them for anything but sma

  16. Van Cao

    I love this product because it’s waterproof or resistant and that really helps because here where I live it rains a lot and it doesn’t get my books and stuff wet. The flaw of this backpack is that there are no padded straps and sometimes that hurts my shoulders and neck. I would say you should buy this product cause it also has a pretty large capacity. So just buy it.

  17. sponge

    Great little bag, and it fits the back of my bike perfectly. It holds, a notebook and my lunch without a problem, and I have space for a calculator and pens in the outer pocket (all I need for work). I haven’t used the backpack straps, but I like how they snap away so I don’t have to worry about them getting lose and flapping about.

  18. Ngoc Do

    Best pack for high schoolers –cool and great size. Too small for books but fun to use to go to the mall or to the explore the city.

  19. Jasmine

    I was kinda iffy about purchasing this item because I’ve seen it in person and didn’t really enjoy the material of the backpack.. however after using it a couple of times, it is really handy and convenient! I put my cell phone in one of the deep pockets and a plastic water bottle on the other. I put my camera lens and wallet in the big pocket (the main pocket) and keys in the little one. Overall, it feels comfortable and light on my shoulders.

  20. Shen Zhe

    lovely colour and good price! much more beautiful than the picture. big enough to hold my 14” laptop but not too big for a girl.
    it is very light, which made me liked it in the first place since i like traveling. but when it holds somthing heavy, say, my laptop, its double shoulder straps turn out to be too thin and gives a lot of pressure to my shoulders. i think it could be better if it improves its straps.
    p.s. this special material is easy to get dirty

  21. Gigi

    Backpack feels sturdy and is perfect for hiking/holding my DSLR camera gear + essentials.

  22. SJSO

    Awesome bag! As a teacher, I carry around a ton of stuff. Fits my laptop, papers, notebooks and lunch bag.

  23. Stan E Dymek

    Everything was great! Thanks so much!

  24. Jonathan

    Solid purchase, I wanted to step up my hipster game, and this was a great addition. Holds a lot of things for being so small. The one I purchased from EnjoyForest was authentic. The color is a bit different in real life.

  25. Cloudia Wu

    It’s a very light-weighted bag. The weight distribution is quite good so you don’t feel the backpack too heavy even when it’s fully loaded. The color is nice, and a good contract to the logo which gives it a fashionable look.

    The downside is 1) it doesn’t have enough compartments which makes organising the contents a bit tricky; 2) the top handles (though quite nice) make opening and closing the bag not as easy as other backpacks, especially when you are on a go; 3) the material sticks on dust & dirt easily.

  26. Mel

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS BACKPACK!!! It came well packaged and everything, a bit wrinkly but once I started using it, it smoothed and evened out. It’s really good at distributing it’s weight throughout even though there are no shoulder pads it still feels comfortable. I get tons of compliments on it and it is very durable and cute! One downside is that there’s no inner pockets to put anything so everything is out in the open.

  27. Hickey

    Great bag and was authentic. Perfect bag for traveling or school. Cute color

  28. hbn45

    Great bag. I was able to pack many items into it. The straps were not so comfortable when the bag was filled with heavy items.

  29. Thegirlinpink

    Great product. Lives up to it’s brand. Holds so much more than you’d imagine.

  30. Angelica

    I waited to write my review because I wanted to give some time to test out the backpack. On first glance I thought it would be too small to fit all of the stuff I carry but them surprisingly it was very roomy inside and very lightweight. On my usual carry I bring my wallet, cosmetic pouch, cell phone charger, pencil case, lab coat, a pair of flats, a hoodie, scarf, and now mittens and a hat. It all fits with even additional room for my Surface tablet and it’s charger too. The shipping was faster than expected (about a day or 2 earlier). The straps are thin but I do find them comfortable (I think because I am only about 5′ 1″) I commute back and forth from NJ to NYC and this backpack is very easy to maneuver with on the trains and buses I have to take. I still have to see how long it will last me but I’m hoping it’s for a long time! I highly recommend this backpack!

  31. Sara A

    I got the original backpack! It’s very convenient and it doesn’t feel heavy. I put textbooks and binders in it, very beautiful. The straps balance the amount of weight so it never feels like the straps could tear or anything.

  32. H Yoon

    I am in love with this backpack! I wasn’t sure about the size at first, thinking it would be too small to bring to school, but it was much more spacious than it looks. It does not look bulky like other backpacks do and I have gotten so many compliments in the hallway. It does, however, get dirty quickly since the I got it in Yellow but the material is very easy to wash. I am looking forward to using this all of the time!!

  33. Jordan Draper

    The actual backpack itself is a very stunning yellow color. It is definitely an eye catcher. The only issue I have with it, is that it gets noticeably scuffy very quickly. Other than that, it’s a decent backpack.

  34. Han

    I love this backpack so much. Since purchasing this bag, I’ve taken it to nearly a dozen trips, including four international trips. I even took this backpack on its own for a trip to Iceland! It holds so much and is very durable. Highly recommended to anyone who’s considering this bag for more than just school books or everyday usage.


    The biggest feature of this package is light, rain, large capacity, suitable for short distance travel, but also suitable to go to the gym to carry, or when the usual casual dress is also a good choice to work bags, very good!

  36. Teresa L Lewis

    Love. Best backpack ever. The design is true to what it says! You can carry a lot and NO back pain!

  37. erik castro

    Great travel and everyday backpack! It fits all of my necessities for school (including my 13″ macbook). I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I want one in every color!

  38. Cassidy Doyle

    Not as extremely yellow as it looks but that was a good thing for me.

  39. Amy V

    Just what my Grand-daughter wanted. Very Satisfied

  40. xhochixx

    I love this bag, although I did decide to switch it to black. I would recommend it, very durable and waterproof!

  41. essica

    i like it and will buy one more in another color.

  42. Guly

    Beautiful and durable backpack. Fits my macbook pro, 2 paper back books, and any pencils or makeup I’m carrying that day. Perfect for school a good investment

  43. kepuiying

    A basic knapsack type of bag primarily for urban use. This was a gift for a teenager who had seen them being carried all over Europe. She loves it

  44. honey boy

    i love this backpack so much!! It’s so cute. The photo given is a little deceiving, the color in real life is a lot more flattering.A cool thing about this bag is that it’s sort of waterproof. I took this bag on rapids at Disneyland, and all of my stuff stayed completely dry. It was a pleasant surprise. The straps worried me at first, but after using it for art class, i found that it was very easy on the shoulders

  45. Lisa Li

    Bought one for my cousin, very nice and light weight. She loves it!

  46. chwflying

    It’s very beautiful and useful in anytime and anywhere.

  47. Huda Ahmed

    This backpack is great! It can carry a lot of my things and it’s great for travelling. The colour (yellow) is really beautiful and adds a new look to my wardrobe! Doesn’t hurt my back and I love the design of the bag. I would definitely recommend this bag to a friend (I already have).

  48. leion

    As I expected this one is great!

  49. Anna

    LOVE THIS BAG, it fits EVERYTHING in, if your a college student it can no doubt fit your laptop, i have a 13 inch macbook pro and it fits no problem.

  50. Shogo Makishima

    Amazing backpack, it fits way more than it looks like it could. I use it for school and I can fit textbooks, a laptop, and notebooks among other things. At first I freaked out because it looked so small when it came in the mail but after I loosened the straps and tried it out for school, I realized that this is one of the most convenient and efficient bags I have ever owned. It looks even more beautiful in person than it does in the picture. Also, I was surprised to find that the yellow doesn’t get dirty as easily everyone says it does. Overall, I would recommend this because it is very versatile and convenient.


    The material is a little different with my imagine,but I like it. Light and fashion.GREAT.

  52. Emilene

    It wasnt a fake and im very pleased

  53. Leo Chen

    Very practical outdoor backpack

  54. Farah

    nice and cheaper than other places that I can find

  55. catherine

    The material seems not that durable like I expected. You cannot carry heavy stuff into it. But the color is perfect for winter/fall time.

  56. Kelli N.

    Upon receiving this backpack, I was initially skeptical because it is much smaller than I was expecting. The laptop compartment fits my 13″” MacPro. Perfectly (it slides in easily, does not jiggle, has not been scratched, etc). Lastly, the material: it is a great color (I purchased the royal blue), is nice and lightweight, and seems very durable. I’m pretty harsh on my bags and it has gotten no rips or stains.
    I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry all of my things. Fortunately, this was not the case. The backpack looks great on, and I receive a lot of compliments for it.

  57. T. williams

    It is indeed authentic. Checked the material, logo, tags, stitching, buttons, and zippers and compared it to my other three backpack from the official site and it all matched up.

  58. Hilmir Steinþórsson

    It is soft and light. Has a foam inside to cover the back but can be taken out as well. Has 3 times more space inside than it seems.

  59. Ana Maria Correa Blair

    I was afraid about receiving a fake, but not at all. It’s an authentic backapck.

  60. RVL

    I bought it for my sister and she loved it!

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