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Outlet Kånken Mini Striped
January 11, 2017
Outlet Kånken Classic Striped
January 17, 2019

Outlet Kånken Classic

(133 customer reviews)

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Scandinavian design classic dating back to 1978. Finished with printed top carry handles, a zip opening, two side pockets, zippered front pouch, and adjustable straps. Reflective badge to the front.

– Length: 38cm/15″
– Width: 27cm/10.6″
– Depth: 13cm/5″
– Shoulder strap length range: 38cm/15″- 73.5cm/29″

133 reviews for Outlet Kånken Classic

  1. J.u.Bee

    This compact backpack fits my laptop, charger, papers, wallet, and tons of other stuff and is SO lightweight. I love it. I use it for work – you may or may not have the type of job that you can wear a backpack to but if you work in a business casual office- this looks perfectly professional.

  2. todd willow

    Not as big as I thought it would be but it’s very durable and for that, I’m impressed

  3. Reina Lynn Caldona

    I love it! fits my pad pro 12.9, and good space enough to put some snacks, and I love that it has some side pockets to put my water bottle. will buy another color.

  4. Amie Z.

    love this color! it can fit in a lot of stuffs, many books, a mac pro and snacks lol.

  5. Susan Sawicki

    The perfect size for daily use. It is roomy inside and comfortable to wear.

  6. Cristian d.

    Fits a 13′ MacBook perfectly! My Girlfriend was very happy with the bag, perfect for a college student or anyone who needs something to carry around a city.

  7. Clara Jeon

    Amazing backpack that’s big enough for your laptop and books, but it is also not bulky and small enough to carry around casually. The material is strong and the backpack is extremely light, but the only thing that is kind of annoying is how easily it gets dirty. However, I’ve used this backpack almost every day since I’ve gotten it 2 months ago and it’s fantastic

  8. Lisa

    I tend to over pack my backpack, but this pack is big enough to hold the essentials and small enough to prevent me from filling it with unnecessary items. it is also very good with my back, I’ve noticed a big difference. the material is water resistant and high quality.

  9. Susan

    I really like this bag. It’s a good size, not too bulky but carries what I need. I especially love the carry handles because they are big enough to be easy to carry when you don’t want it on your back. I thought the straps without padding might bother me but they don’t. In fact, they stay on my shoulders better than other bags. The zipper goes all the way around which makes access simple.

  10. Sevde

    Holds a lot of stuff. My 13″” macbook air fits comfortably.

  11. Robin U.

    Big enough to carry a MacBook. Perfect color, thank you again for the fast shipping!

  12. Hannah Park

    Authentic backpack. I was debating on whether I should buy this one or the laptop model. To my surprise and delight, my 13 in MacBook fits perfectly (with an inch or so of wiggle room at the top)! It even fits my 1 in binder and a couple of textbooks. I just wish the side pockets were bigger for my HydroFlask, and I wish there were more pockets for organization, but overall, great product

  13. Melissa Magnant

    bought this for my daughter as a back to school bag and she’s in love! it’ll fit everything she needs for school perfectly and a perfect size as well!!

  14. Grecia

    good material, it is not heavy. My 13″ MacBook profits. the color is great, even my lunch fits inside! very practical!

  15. Amélie

    I have this version as well as a kid’s version for my daughter. I think I expected this to be a little bigger — like a standard backpack size, however, it’s still pretty petite. It still can fit a lot, however. It perfects my 13” laptop and case inside of it.

  16. valerie

    I bought a backpack almost two years

  17. KJ Foster

    My exchange student purchased and loves it. Great price and great value.

  18. Nick

    I bought this bag over a year ago. I mostly use it as an everyday bag. Sometimes a backpack is much more comfortable and convenient than a purse. I even took it to a month long Europe trip. It kept everything inside dry during the rainy days. It’s great for everyday use and traveling.

  19. kat

    I got this almost a year ago, yet I’ve only started using it in January 2016. I definitely understand the hype because it’s a great bag. I bought it for school to replace the JanSport ones i’ve been wearing. As a college student, I carry so many things in my backpack, such as a water bottle, a laptop, breakfast, lunch, paperwork, notebooks, etc. It varies. So, with terrible back pains, I decided to change my backpack and luckily I chose this backpack! I find that it really helps with straightening your posture, carries a lot, and is actually pretty water resistant (so I don’t really have to worry about a little rain when i’m running from one class to another on the other side of campus lol). Ever since I’ve started using a backpack, I don’t ever think I would use any other backpack. I’m probably going to get a fog colored one for next school year…

  20. Vick

    My favorite backpack ever! I was worried about the straps digging into my shoulders but i’ve never had a problem with it! I love the color and size and quality! So happy with purchase that I bought another one in a different a color and have recommended it to others:)

  21. Francesca

    This is a great backpack for travelling, hiking, sightseeing, college, etc. The straps are comfortable to wear, even all day when the bag is full. It can fit a lot of things, despite it looking small. It easily fits a 13″ MacBook Air, jacket/sweatshirt, wallet, back up cell phone battery, book, and much more. It’s nice that the zipper goes all the way down so you can pack your items in it like a flip-top suitcase. The bag material is prone to some minor scuffing with use over time, but nothing that is super bothersome. The side pockets can easily fit a small umbrella & skinny water bottle.

  22. Shirley Lee

    Finally got my first classic backpack!

  23. Tom

    Came well-packaged, and I had no issues with authenticity as other users have described. I have had this bag for almost two

  24. Mo S.

    As far as I can tell the bag is authentic. It’s fantastic. I happened to be caught in a downpour and the bag kept my laptop and books try.


    My favourite backpack after one year. I must note that the colour does fade away a little, but I don’t think that’s too big of a problem. It is super comfortable on the shoulders and relieves the back from pain despite its thin straps. If you are carrying textbooks, for many students, we can hold it with the straps and it’s still super sturdy. There are two main pockets, one small one in the front and the big zipper which goes all the way down and can open like a luggage. Even when I’m carrying heavy things, I don’t feel much of the weight on my shoulders. It is definitely spacious and can hold numerous things; nice and rectangular shape which makes organizing easy. There is also a laptop compartment, however it is not cushioned, so you’d have to be careful nonetheless. Overall, its stylish, spacious, and easy on the back. i highly recommend this backpack!

  26. Reno

    We were thrilled to receive this backpack. My daughter loves it!

  27. Rachael

    My favorite bag. It’s such good quality

  28. Diana Sierra

    Very nice, fashionable backpack. It’s compact but spacious, very cute

  29. Skewedo – March 23, 2018

    My daughter loves this backpack. I think the main reason is that she is the only one that has one at her school. It is made of quality canvas. The only thing I don’t like about it is the shoulder straps are very narrow. If you have some weight in the backpack the straps are not very comfortable. Just my own observation. My daughter doesn’t complain about the straps.

  30. P. Ray Rucker

    I thought this would be a bit bigger but the size is actually perfect to use as a diaper backpack.
    I just wishes that the straps were a bit more substantial but other than that, I am happy with this daypack.

  31. annenbaumo

    Just received mine in Ox red and definitely looks real after careful inspection and comparisons with other bags. Very happy with what I received and excited to use it for school!

  32. Nel

    Love these backpacks, they are great for daily use to work or as a daypack on vacation.


    Great product…it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel so heavy on your shoulders. The outside side pockets are perfect for water bottles. I also like how it opens completely. Simple but great bag!

  34. Liz S.

    My daughter adores this backpack and still uses it daily

  35. Scott

    Purchased this as a gift for my high school aged daughter. She uses it all the time and loves it.

  36. Barbara

    I received the full color Ox Red and it is beautiful and sturdy. The front pocket can fit keys, phone and small objects. I’m using this for college, and I was in need of something not too bulky but that still had a lot of space for books, laptop and small things. I can fit my 13″ Chromebook, two large textbooks and two 2″ binders, plus my pencil case and my glasses. This backpack is magical, and it doesn’t hurt your back when walking around campus!

  37. Anonymouse

    It is light and easy to carry with the top handle straps. Laptop compartment is perfect

  38. Melanie M.

    At first the backpack looked small coming out of the packaging but to my surprise but it fits everything and more including three of my college books, binders, notebooks and my MacBook. Great backpack, very durable. I want every color!

  39. Cjordan

    I was worried it would be a fake. But, fortunately, it’s authentic… or too good of a fake too tell. Either way, I’m happy cause its really cute, fits everything and it was really cheap.

  40. athena

    If you are looking to buy one I would definitely recommend Ox Red it really compliments the design. It easily fits my macbook air, a bunch of exercise books, a diary, novel, pencil case etc. In the front pocket I put my keys, wallet and some loose paper or cards. The side pockets are small but in one of them I keep my phone (iPhone 6) and my earphones, muesli bar (sometimes deodorant) in the other. The pockets are tight enough that I don’t worry about things falling out.

    So overall so far after having it for about 3 weeks I do enjoy it a lot. It’s super cute and very useful.

  41. Kate

    I live in a college town and that’s where I first saw this bag. Everyone had blue or gray. After lusting for one for months, a friend bought me this ox red option. The picture is true to color. The quality is top notch. As long as you’re not carrying around an obscene amount of books, this bag should do the trick. I carry a personal size planner, at least one smallish nonfiction book, a Kipling case, a Raybans case, and a Game of Thrones novel with room to spare for a blender bottle. I don’t use the side pockets – but I wouldn’t suggest using them for anything larger than a thinner than average water bottle. I keep a hardcase intended for lipstick or lipbalm but nothing bigger. The front pocket is used for just tissues and keys

  42. Angie

    This is my first backpack, and it’s wondeful! The color is great, very roomy, although the front pocket is a little small, but I don’t mind. Make sure that if you want a genuine backpack, order it with EnjoyForest. I love my backpack.

  43. Tonia

    I bought as a gift for my son and he just loves it

  44. Shm

    My daughter loves her backpack. The side pockets could be made a little looser to allow water bottle to fit though.

  45. Sof

    I bought this backpack for my urban commute-I saw another commuter with one on the subway and loved the tote handle option. This bag is simple and simply great design. I hemmed and hawed between buying the regular backpack or the larger sizes, but this one fits my needs perfectly. It can hold my thick work notebook of folders and paperwork, a book for train reading, sunglasses, wallet, coffee tumbler, water bottle and a fair amount more. The pockets on the side are not really wide enough for a water bottle, instead, I use them to stash some hand sanitizer and my cellphone charger. The front pocket on the outside holds my iPod, cellphone, pens, work ID, tissues and train pass. My work iPad could easily fit in the interior rear pocket along the back of the backpack, along with a few magazines. But the handles are the best part. I can carry it like a tote in front of me on the super crowded subways and not feel like I am taking up half the subway car.
    My son now wants one for when he goes to school. I will so use this when I’m out and about with my kids as well. Functional, clean style. Love my backpack!

  46. Schmidt

    My daughter wanted this cause some friends had one.

  47. JeLisa

    It’s not heavy at all with the things I put it in. As for the side pockets I don’t believe any bottles larger than the one I have shown will fit in it. This is ox red and it looks as pictured to me. I do believe this is a real backpack. I really love this bag and I may get the mini next!

  48. Clomme

    Excelent product

  49. Karla

    It’s a great size! It’s not a large bag by any means. But IMO it’s perfect. I hate huge bags with tons of pockets everywhere. It just confuses me and makes me want to stuff it with stuff that I really don’t need to lug around all day. With that said, I fill my diaper bag with diapers for two kids (1 and 3 year olds)… Plus wipes, Kleenex, changes of clothes for both, a small changing pad, and my wallet… With tons of room to spare (about half the bag left). I can totally put my giant 40oz water flask in there too, along with two kids water cups and two lightweight fleece jackets for my kiddos. I use the front pocket for quick access snacks, and my keys.

  50. PJ.

    Best backpack I’ve owned! Can fit a lot more than it looks too.

  51. Sydney

    The quality of the backpack is really good, but I received the wrong color. A little disappointed, but overall it’s a great purchase.

  52. Swan

    The one I received was real thankfully. I bought leaf green. It did take a while to get here and was a little wrinkled.

  53. Joy

    beautiful bag! the ox red was a bit lighter than expected but i am already in love. the only bad thing is the 2 side pockets can barely fit a 16.9 ounce bottle, there are 2 pockets on the inside and the zippers work well.

  54. Codelies

    I purchased a “bag in bag”, which is the perfect size for this pack. It’s literally a small bag that has a few zippered pockets and slots for misc things. This is where I store all the diapers/extra clothes/wipes so it’s easier to reach in and grab.

  55. Nguyen

    Good bag…great style and colours. I like the size a lot for a day pack. The full zipper open is also really nice and seems well made like it would last awhile. The straps are adjustable and tuck away so it can be carried by the handles easily. The things I don’t like about it: The shoulder straps hurt after a while, so if the bag is loaded or even if you’re just wearing it all day, you’ll have some sore skin.

  56. Suzanne o

    I never write reviews, but I received my first backpack today and I’m in love! The material is amazing and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I was very hesitant buying authentically through online shop, but I am very certain my backpack is the real deal and I’ll give some tips that are helpful when buying. I was able to fit much more than expected inside and it doesn’t feel heavy at all, which is great for all-day use, especially if you have back issues like me.

  57. Mpeter

    100% authentic and wonderful bag. I love the color and It arrived so quickly. Would highly recommend. It’s the perfect size for a day trip traveling.

  58. Julie Reynolds

    I have this backpack in Brick and am very pleased with it. It’s durable and withstands jostling and being abruptly taken on/off. There’s room for my laptop and other necessities. It keeps me from overloading it which has helped my back a great deal. Oddly, I was just in Berlin and saw them everywhere, so apparently, that’s the way to fit in. The only downside is that there are too many great colors to choose from.

  59. Lynn

    I really like this bag. It’s a good size, not too bulky but carries what I need. I especially love the carry handles because they are big enough to be easy to carry when you don’t want it on your back. I thought the straps without padding might bother me but they don’t. In fact, they stay on my shoulders better than other bags. The zipper goes all the way around which makes access simple. The only drawbacks are the side pocket isn’t really big enough for anything other than a really slim water bottle (and who wants the water bottle sloshing around inside?) and there are no inside pockets except for the full length sleeve against the back. The directions say to wash it first because it the color may run. I did wash it but don’t think it was really an issue.

  60. Tommy C

    I bought this for my trip to Lollapalooza. This bag held up wonderfully at the music festival since it’s water resistant (and yes it did rain!). It’s just big enough to hold everything you need!

  61. YG

    My daughter loves it–She’s seen other girls with it (didn’t know the name/brand) and really wanted one for this school year. I don’t think I would pay this much for a backpack. But the reviews were good and it’s actually pretty practical. Looks small but will hold her laptop and books. We’ll have to wait and see if it will hold up for the rest of the school year.

  62. Sam P

    Not the most comfortable backpack or day pack but its the perfect size for a non-traditional diaper bag/pump bag for my wife. It has a very simple design with front compartments and a one laptop/notebook divider in the main compartment. We don’t carry too much in our bag so it’s perfect for us. It’s also small but not tiny so you can fit everything you need but nothing extra. This type of fabric is water resistant and works for keeping rain from coming in and makes clean up easy.

  63. Jessica Z

    Loved it! At first I was iffy because I thought it was gonna be a fake but it wasn’t! Perfect size fits all I need for school very durable

  64. FreckledFlipChick

    Gorgeous Leaf Green. Feels good. Fits much. Happy.

  65. Mark

    love it!The size is perfect for 13inch macbook air.

  66. John

    My backpack was real in Ox Red. The backpack looks a lot smaller than you would expect, but it actually holds quite a bit. I have carried 2 computers, make-up bag, 2 eye-glass holders, wallet, etc. and it all fit fine with room to spare. I leave the pad in the bag as it supports my back and can be used as a cushion (apparently this is what it’s intended for?).

  67. lhn

    got mine just in time for school, it fits all my books and even my macbook, i love this.

  68. Julie Reynolds

    I have this backpack in Brick and am very pleased with it. It’s durable and withstands jostling and being abruptly taken on/off. There’s room for my laptop and other necessities. It keeps me from overloading it which has helped my back a great deal. Oddly, I was just in Berlin and saw them everywhere, so apparently, that’s the way to fit in. The only downside is that there are too many great colours to choose from.

  69. Sun

    Such a beautiful color!…Loved the color option and loved that it came quickly..Would definitely recommend this product…Great bag great durability !

  70. Alejandra

    It was great! Just what I was hoping for. I was very indecisive about which color to buy but I was satisfied with the blue. Maybe ochre next time? Overall very good and comfortable, definitely helps with my back. Just gotta be sure to clean well since it does get dirty very quickly (although I am a college student so that might be the cause).

  71. Valentina

    Nice size, colour matching the picture, decent sized inside pocket for the laptop. Not the best quality, but good for the price range.

  72. Rebemo

    I’m so happy with my new backpack, I was afraid about the color but it is beautiful just like the picture. Now I’m so excited to use my backpack on my next travel.

  73. Gabrielle

    this size fits my laptop perfectly. These bags are indestructible. Can’t wait to use it for many years to come!

  74. Alejandra

    Nice size, colour matching the picture, decent sized inside pocket for the laptop. Not the best quality, but good for the price range.

  75. jecica

    My daughter is in LOVE with her new backpack !!!!!

  76. lucia Robles

    All the way from Vietnam to US in two weeks. Brilliant.

  77. Kayla B.

    Great backpack! Very durable & light.

  78. Eduardo Tesi

    Excellent product

  79. Ness

    The material of the bag itself is thick and sturdy.

  80. Lalaland

    Love this book bag. It holds so much. It’s sturdy, waterproof in rain (it keeps my stuff inside dry when I have to run in between class in rain.

  81. Kristin

    It’s the real deal.

  82. JinxCat

    Best backpack I have ever owned. My kid liked it so much she took it away from me to college. It holds so much and is comfortable to wear all day. This was my summer backpack for vacations, amusement parks, the zoo, and it was perfect.

  83. Tim

    This backpack is super durable and great for a small city day bag. My gf loves it and has had it for more than 2 years no

  84. Karina

    I absolutely adore this bad, the bright yellow colour has sort have made it’s self my logo now around the halls in uni. There’s a great amount of space for various books and folders, and even though this is not the Laptop version of the backpack, I was able to fit my Macbook Pro (13inches). I recommend this bag highly EXCEPT for the fact it gets dirty in less that 24 hours of having opening it. I remember getting to school and having my friend notice a patch of dirt just plastered on the bag and i was so confused because i had just gotten it last night?? Maybe you could try another colour, a darker one! At this point i no longer mind the fact it looks dirty because it adds this used, old, worn out look to a bag i really love.

  85. Rachelle T

    This backpack is really great. It is strong, high quality, and holds a lot more than you would thing.

  86. Aiken

    We purchased this for our son who is starting kindergarten. The bag is the perfect size for him and still hold his folders, lunch bag, and nap towel.

  87. Genna

    Beautiful color, very comfortable and SUPER cute. Definitely a good purchase

  88. A K

    I love this backpack, I really do. It’s cute and stylish and simple and I like how it unzips all the way around. However, after using it for a class I was taking, and having to carry books and a waterbottle, I noticed that my neck was sore at the end of the day. I switched a backpack with more padded straps and the neck pain has subsided. It’s just so cute though, so I’m going to use it more for running errands, sightseeing, etc…things that don’t require 20-lb books.

  89. joceline

    I love this backpack! Its so different and it gets alot of compliments. The only downside about this bag is that the straps do not have any kind of padding.

  90. Michael M

    It’s legit! Came in authentic. It’s super cute!

  91. Wendy L.

    Throw small store brought item in and I don’t feel heavy.

  92. Lois Ann

    I purchased this item as a gift. It is just what she wanted; color and size were as described.

  93. Lynn

    Arrived 13 days before the expected delivery date which was really cool, luckily my bag was a genuine backpack but i’d be on the lookout for fakes. The bag is good and fits a fair amount of folders & notebooks plus a book or two

  94. Melissa Jontow

    Great quality. Exactly as advertised! My daughter was soooo happy!!

  95. Sheffer Avishay

    That shipment was very fast and the bag is great.

  96. Tingting Xu

    It is a stylish bag, the material is strong.

  97. limin.huang123

    That shipment was very fast and the bag is great.

  98. Alquimista

    I haven’t written a review before. The color is so beautiful, and it fits EVERYTHING for class i need including a metal lunchbox, 4 folders, a large notebook, 4 small notebooks, two chargers, my laptop, its charger, and a USB. There’s even space left over. I will update to see how it fares in snow and rain.

  99. Michael Graham

    Awesome bag! My daughter takes it with here everywhere

  100. Carol Saltsgaver

    Wow! Fast delivery and it looks great. Thanks!

  101. Claire

    They’re so spacious and the build’s awesome. Would totally recommend to other people and will definitely be buying again from this seller!

  102. Anat Shamir Amir

    Love it, who knew that with such a bright bag I will never loose my keys or glasses at the bottom of my bag again.


    This bag is really stylish and oh so adorable! I really love this look of it! The Ox Red color actually looks a bit lighter in real life than in the picture, however the color is still great. It’s also a very light bag, which is a plus for someone like me who has very bad back problems from a sports injury. It’s a great size and can easily fit a 13in laptop along with some notebooks and maybe a pencil case. There’s no padding on it’s bottom so if you do want to keep electronics in your bag, make sure there’s some sort of shock-proof protection around them

    The material is thin and stiffer than I thought and it does stain easily from chalk-like substances (like concrete) so be careful! I have yet to wear this bag with light colored clothing so I’m not very sure if bleeding will occur. If I were you I’d heed the warning on the tag and rinse it with lukewarm water before you use your bag. It does make the material feel a bit softer, and some people may not like that however I think it’s worth it to not stain your light colored clothing.

  104. Halig

    Like other reviewers have said, this backpack floats on your back! I added items and wore it around and I hardly noticed I was wearing a backpack. I look forward to taking this on my trip next month!

  105. Sabrina Rivas

    This is the second one I bought. My 2 daughters who are in college love them! Even their friends had bought one, I think is trendy now. I’m thinking in getting one for me too

  106. Nasz

    I love this backpack! Such a great deal for such a great backpack! It is the real deal

  107. angela

    My son who is now a junior in high school absolutely lives it! It fits all his boOKs and is very sturdy.

  108. Berlin Sally

    The perfect size backpack to carry a laptop and book (perhaps other small items too). The straps are easy to adjust and the colour is great. These last a very long time and wear very, very well. Great buy.

  109. ABILENE

    It’s 100% authentic! Had a reflective logo, YKK and WASA 6 on the zippers, made from Vietnam, etc! Super happy!

  110. Gio Tovar

    It has space does everything and is very sturdy while the looks are great. Her friends want the same.

  111. AAREN

    Wonderful bag! It’s cute, comfortable, waterproof and durable!

  112. Manp

    i do wish the straps were a little padded because it’s a backpack which will put strain on your shoulders if you pack it really well.

  113. CathyBloom

    Great bag. But I think it is too small because I have a lot of books to carry every day. So I returned it.

  114. Bagini

    My daughter loves the product…of course, this is her second one! It has travelled to Peru and New York, and now will be headed to the University of Arizona for her Junior Year. Great product…Thank you EnjoyForest, as usual.

  115. Gracie

    From what I can tell it’s a real backpack. It came pretty fast in the mail as well

  116. Edward

    I cannot say enough good things about this bag! I have traveled extensively and used it as a carry on bag while flying and daypack while exploring different places, which it is phenomenal for.
    I have walked through rain with it (it is water resistant and light rain just rolls off, due to the wax coating), carried heavy books in it, my 14in laptop (which fits perfectly), my camera equipment, used it while hiking and so many other thing
    The color doesn’t fade- it still is vividly yellow, which I love! There are no rips or loose threads, this thing is so durable!
    I got it over a year ago and I washed it (handwash only!!) for the first time yesterday. It hides dirt very well.

    I don’t normally review products, but this one I had to.
    If I had to throw out all my other purses/bags, and just keep one, it would be my backpack, everytime.

  117. Mariana Gonzalezo

    Super light. Super durable. Perfect for laptop and school textbooks. It also distributes the weight in a much more centred way on your back so it feels like you are carrying less than you actually are. I am 5’3 and oftentimes backpack straps are set apart too wide for the weight to be comfortable distributed.

  118. Haoan Z.

    The perfect size for daily use. It is roomy inside and comfortable to wear.

  119. TB.

    I just recieved my ox red backpack and i have never been happier with a backpack. I checked to make sure its an authentic backpack and it is! Im in love with the color, and it looks exactly like the picture. It is super spacious and is bigger than i expected it to be (based on other reviews it seemed as though it was going to be smaller). It fits all of my school items and has tons of room to spare. I can’t wait to use this for high school. I would definitely purchase again. Thank you!

  120. Annika

    I love my backpack, I want to get one in every color! Some people have told me that they find the straps uncomfortable, but i think that’s just an adjustment issue. Also impressed with the quality stitching, I’m sure this thing will last me for years.

  121. AALIYAH

    The bag very sturdy and would hold a camelback for hiking if you feed the waterline through the zipper

  122. Charlotte M

    Great quality bag! I bought it to use as my sons diaper bag. Love it! It’s also waterproof!

  123. Sabrina Rivas

    I use this backpack daily for school, and so far I do not have any complaints. As a college student I am usually carrying various notebooks and my computer, and it all fits with room to spare. Before this backpack I would loathe taking my computer to campus because of the back pains I would have at the end of the day. When this backpack claims to help with weight distribution… it is serious. When I left my house in a hurry today I was sure I had forgotten my computer based on how light my backpack felt. Surprise! I had it. The material is weather resistant and durable. Overall, great pack. It is worth the price you are paying.

  124. Amy

    My daughter loves this thing!

  125. Lv Wang

    Good product. Nice color and affordable price. My wife loves it

  126. D. Martin

    I bought this for my daughter in college for her birthday. She was recommended it by a women who has had hers since the 70s. My daughter loves it. She uses hers as a purse/backpack.

  127. LEE Y.

    Very nice backpack, my boyfriend liked

  128. Long Gang

    Great! Came as said it would. No stains, just like picture. Great product overall.

  129. ADAMINA

    I decided to order this bag because Ive always heard such great reviews about. Turns out all of them were true! It helped relieve the pain in my back I’ve felt with my other bags and it fits so many things in it without looking huge or feeling uncomfortable or heavy.

  130. Suzanne

    I never write reviews, but I received my first backpack today and I’m in love! The material is amazing and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I was very hesitant buying authentically through the online shop, but I am very certain my backpack is the real deal. I don’t regret a thing. It looks perfect, and it got here in only 10 days! Happy shopping!

  131. Pleasures

    Great product. Lots of fun colors!

  132. TAKK

    Love this book bag. It holds so much. It’s sturdy, water proof in rain (it keeps my stuff inside dry when I have to run in between class in rain).

  133. Larry

    When I first received my backpack and opened it, I was a bit worried about the size because it looked a bit small but I tried it out and put all of my school stuff inside it and it fit everything. I was able to fit my laptop, 3 notebooks, a textbook, and more! There was one little stain on it though but I was able to get it out with a sanitizing wipe. I was also worried about the authenticity of the product, so I had a friend of mine check it out and it is indeed a real backpack ! So Happy, thank you

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