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Outlet Kånken Mini
January 17, 2019
Outlet Kånken Classic Art
July 26, 2019

Outlet Kånken Mini(two colors)

(18 customer reviews)

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Scandinavian design classic dating back to 1978. Finished with printed top carry handles, a zip opening, two side pockets, zippered front pouch, and adjustable straps. Reflective badge to the front.

– Length: 38cm/15″
– Width: 27cm/10.6″
– Depth: 13cm/5″
– Shoulder strap length range: 38cm/15″- 73.5cm/29″

18 reviews for Outlet Kånken Mini(two colors)

  1. Kathryn Dallas

    Such a great little kids backpack. Excellent quality.

  2. Christina

    It is very comfortable to wear I love how it looks and feels. Would definitely buy again. Love the bag!

  3. Eden NTS

    My son’s first backpack for preschool! he wears it on his back now (age 2) and it is perfect and comfortable.

  4. sarena

    My kids love carrying these around. Material is very durable and easy to clean.
    They are the perfect size for little ones.

  5. DelphiD

    This pack is the size I was looking for. It is light and it has only a couple of pockets which makes finding things within a breeze.

  6. Dana M.

    Great quality, color is exactly as expected. Really great buy, definitely worth the price.

  7. Maria

    Very nice. Even packed full of stuff, it still feels light and very comfortable to wear. I also like how it is water resistant, on rainy days.

  8. Romina Ocampo

    The material is very rough and sturdy.

  9. Sheila Eitzen

    Excellent backpack ! My daughter is super happy with her new backpack!

  10. robert guerra

    AUTHENTIC BACKPACK!! I thought it wouldn’t be real because of the cheap price but it is! It’s a nice good quality backpack

  11. Qian Mei

    I like the color it’s cheaper than those in the official website. And it’s so cute but can contain lots of things .love it~

  12. Mely Galvan

    loved it, i checked it and it looks real and can actually carry a lot of stuff

  13. Jessica Lim

    AWESOME I LOVE IT ? the strap may hurt when you carry heavy stuff though! But it’s so adorable I love to carry it around

  14. Dia Mamish

    I really love your products, very happy customer.

  15. Pollo

    Excellent option for kids

  16. biggparkin

    My granddaughter​ loves this bag!

  17. Ducky

    My 1.9 month-old son uses this for his play school, and he has no problem with it. Fits him perfectly! In fact, I saw another classmate of his sporting the same bag, in a different colour. I believe this works for someone as young as him, to adults who wish to use a smaller backpack (though I’ve yet to try it with both straps on myself).

  18. Nancy

    Always like this backpack.

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